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Watch the Group Growth Masterclass: Build a Thriving Community and Turbocharge Your Traffic HERE๐Ÿ‘‡

This is an in-depth training, so schedule time to watch it completely and take notes.

Important Notes:

  • Save the above video in Youtube, because when BC Stack is complete, this page will no longer be available, but the video will remain on Youtube.
  • All the tools and resources mentioned in the video are listed below ๐Ÿ‘‡
  • Click the links and save the files in your own computer.
  • For the Canva templates, click the links and the files will open in your Canva account and then they are yours. We designed the Canva templates to work in a free Canva account, but for maximum effect, we recommend the Pro version of Canva.
  • Please note that all the files here are for your own use for learning purposes. You do not have permission to redistribute or resell the PDFs or Canva templates.
  • These Canva Templates are for your own use only. You can customize them with your own content and branding, then save them as a JPGs or PDFs to create assets to help grow your group. You may NOT resell or redistribute the Canva templates themselves, in any way.


Group Growth Guide – PDF Download

AI PROMPT: Here’s the AI prompt that I used in the video. Feel free to copy-and-paste it and use it to generate your own title and description: Act like a social media expert helping a client who is a [YOUR NICHE] for [YOUR AUDIENCE] to create a compelling Facebook group title and description about how they can help their members and potential clients with [YOUR TOPIC] that reflects the essence of a [YOUR NICHE] community and captivates the target audience’s interest.

Daily Engagement Thread Posts – Canva Templates

Group Banners – Canva Templates

30 Group Post Templates – Canva Mockup Templates

10 Tips Posts – Canva Templates

Other resources mentioned in the training.

Some of these are 3rd party services and not complimentary or part of the above package. They were just mentioned in the training:

Constant Contact (3rd party service – not complimentary)

I use Constant Contact for building my community, capturing leads, growing my list, and getting to know my audience on a deeper level by building meaningful relationships using this tool.

WATCH COMPLIMENTARY: Influence Formula Masterclass

A Framework for more Flow, Focus, and Freedom. A proven path for moving from invisible to impactful. A system for building Influence and Prosperity.

WATCH COMPLIMENTARY: Mini Memberships Masterclass

Learn about Creating an Engaged and Thriving Signature Community that Generates Monthly Recurring Revenue

Need help with Canva? Download complimentary

Angela Feser is a Canva expert. Download her free Canva Made Simple Guide and follow her on her Social Bliss Tiktok for awesome Canva tips.

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The BELOW items require an upgrade and are NOT included in the complimentary package for BC Stack members. These are extra tools you can get through our membership:

100 Quotes & Sayings Posts – Canva Templates

20 Challenge Posts – Walk participants through your curriculum towards success – Canva Templates

30 Promotional Post to Drive People to Your Group, Page or Website – Canva Mockup Templates

10 Lead Magnet Posts to attract people to subscribe to your email list – Canva Mockup Templates

20 Inforgraphic Posts – Canva Templates

52 Weekly Mental Health Tips Posts – Canva Templates

20 Viral Games Posts – Canva Templates

And many more! Check out some of our other bundles HERE.

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