Member Rules & Policies


  • The First Rule of this Community is to stay positive!
  • Memberships are per person, not per podcast.
  • The monthly fees are recurring until you cancel your membership.
  • Rules may be updated or changed at the sole discretion of Women in Podcasting Network.
  • Women in Podcasting is not a non-profit organization. It is a marketing brand of Jennifer Henczel.
  • If you are a service provider, you can post about your services. Do not post other people\’s podcasts. You can invite them to join the membership.

What type of group is this?

Women in Podcasting Network (WIPN) is not a non-profit.  WIPN offers is built around a community of storytellers who support each other. WIPN offers online tools, templates and resources for starting, growing and monetizing your message.  We also have events and collaborative opportunities. Revenues are absorbed and reported by a private, for profit sole proprietor business in compliance with CRA. A digital receipt is generated upon signing up and sent with your membership reminder each month via email.

Facebook Group Perks

  • You can post your initial introduction with links to your podcast or guest expertise as an individual post.
  • You can post questions with no links. For example, if you wanted feedback on a new cover art design, you could post them with something like, Which design catches your attention the most? or Which design do you think most accurately reflects my podcast title?
  • All other engagement happens in the comments of our daily threads. Lots of connections are made there.
  • Do not post Fb group links or affiliate links, but most other links are fine, as long as they are about your podcast or guest expertise.
  • Do not post on behalf of others.
  • Services providers cannot post about podcasting serves in the Facebook group. However, service providers can share their podcast and guest expertise, like the other podcasters and guests.
  • See all of the rules in the Facebook group here: Women in Podcasting Facebook Group.
  • There may be other rules that are innate to Facebook and general group management.


  • You can include links and images and links for your podcast or guest expertise.
  • Do not post affiliate links.
  • Do not post on behalf of others.

Refund Policy 

No refunds. Due to the nature of digital products and memberships there are no refunds on member fees, membership payments, events, workshops, retreats, coaching, or masterminds. Service are not transferable and are not refundable in any way. 

Member Responsibilities

  • As a member of this group, you are responsible for being professional and courteous to other members and Women in Podcasting Network staff.
  • You are responsible for maintaining your own directory listing.
  • Do not solicit other members.

These policies will be added to and change as the group progresses. Please check back often.