Would you like to monetize your expertise by adding coaching or group coaching to your offerings ?

Or, are you an expert who wants to save time creating compelling content for your community?


Captivating Coaching Kit

Become a trusted expert known for getting results with your own signature toolkit & framework

Captivate your ideal audience with professional, value-added, digital deliverables.

For seasoned or start-up coaches, speakers, podcasters, creators and community leaders

Use these tools in your 1-1 coaching, group coaching programs or masterminds.

  • Increase your client’s clarity and transformation.
  • Monetize your expertise and add value to your existing offers.
  • Save time and spend more of your efforts in your zone of genius.
  • Get the tools to create your signature system that gets results.
  • Scale faster! Specifically designed to help you help more people.

What’s included?

Get access to my beautiful, proven, highly-transformative coaching worksheets, journals and exercises. All these tools can be yours within minutes. Customize them with your own logo, style and branding.

Worksheet Templates Bundle

50+ Editable CANVA worksheet templates

Transformative Coaching Exercises

Vision Board, SWOT Analysis, Mind Mapping Worksheets, Self Contract Worksheet, Root Cause Analysis Exercise and 5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Technique.

NEW! Coaching Client Welcome Kit

These are for use in your own coaching practice for onboarding new clients:

  • Coaching Agreement Template
  • Client Intake Form Template
  • Coaches Contact Information
  • Coaching Resources Template
  • Frequently Asked Questions Template
  • Payment Information Template
  • Welcome Letter Template

Zone of Genius Assessment

A workbook for exploring your why and superpowers. Customizable workbook in Canva. Add your logo and branding.

Wheel of Life Worksheets

Get a rounded understanding of where your life is at. Customizable in Canva. Add your logo and branding.

Core Value Clarity Worksheets

This worksheet will help you to reveal your real core values, how they relate and when they collide, so that you can successfully integrate them into your life and business. Customizable workbook in Canva. Add your logo and branding.

Self-Discovery Coaching Workbook

Transformative prompts and exercises. Customizable workbook in Canva. Add your logo and branding.

My Strengths in Action Workbook

A transformative coaching exercise. Rediscover your strengths and actively put them into action for 28 days.

25 Coaching Affirmation Cards

Uplifting affirmations for you and your clients. Use for a printed or digital card deck.

50 Reflection Posts

Prompts, questions and quotes.

Monthly Focus Workbook & Planner

A transformative planner to use with your clients. Everything starts with setting goals. In order to achieve our goals, we need to have a plan. And one of the best ways to create a plan and achieve our goals is by setting a monthly focus.

Coaching Guide & Forms Pack


  • What Your Client Needs to Do Before Your First Coaching Session. Preparing for the First Coaching Session
  • The First Coaching Session – Creating an Individualized Coaching Plan
  • How to Run an Effective Coaching Session
  • How to Do a SWOT Analysis
  • How to conduct a Root Cause Analysis – Asking Why
  • The Power of High Impact Questions
  • Tips for Helping Clients Set Priorities and Create Action Plans
  • Tips for Taking Action – How You Can Help Your Coaching Clients Succeed After the Coaching Ends – Maintaining Momentum


  • Coaching Session Checklist
  • Business Intake Form
  • Self-Assessment Intake Worksheet
  • Individual Coaching Plan Worksheet
  • Coaching Feedback Worksheet
  • Coaching Session Agenda
  • and much more!

“As a Coach to other Coaches, I created these resources to help you grow your coaching business. This toolkit is going to save you time and money by not having to recreate all the essential and advanced tools yourself. Be organized. Be the coach you’ve always wanted to be. Help people get to freedom faster. Spend more time doing what you love!”

Jennifer Henczel

Fast Action Takers Offer

Bonus #1: Coaching Roadmaps

This is where your signature coaching system comes alive! These can be used to beautifully illustrate your processes, steps, phases, formulas, and blueprints. Help your clients to learn and move through your processes with clarity. All customizable in Canva with your own logo, style & branding.

Bonus #2: Canva Basics Guide

Everything you need to know with Step-by-step instructions for getting started with Canva.

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Jennifer Henczel

Founder, Elevating You Club and Women in Podcasting Network

Q & A

Do I get this in any of my memberships with you?

This package is not available in my basic memberships, but it is available at the Elevating You level of membership. To my Elevating You members, this is already part of your membership. If you’re not a member yet and want access to these, JOIN HERE

Will the products work in a free Canva account?

Yes, we give you simplified version so you can customize them with your own colors and branding (if you have a business).

What can I do with the products?

  • Customize all the journals, worksheets, card decks, posters, activities and exercises for your own personal purposes.
  • You must flatten your design, which means turning them into a PDFs. Just save the Canva design as a standard PDF and you can use them with your clients.
  • You can use with your clients in your business, but the products cannot be the primary selling point of your offer.
  • This packages is intended for you to customize it for your own personal use for yourself and those you work with.
  • This is not a PLR product,. You cannot resell or redistribute the Canva templates.
  • You cannot give away the Canva templates or flattened PDFs as a freebie/lead magnet.
  • You cannot sell or distribute the Canva templates or flattened PDFs. Here is the license: