Gratitude Growth Bundle: The Art of Cultivating a Positive Mindset and Celebrating Abundance

Gratitude Growth Bundle – Canva Templates

Help others to infuse joy into their journey.

Gratitude is a powerful emotion that can have a profound impact on our mental and physical well-being. Research has shown that practicing gratitude can lead to greater levels of happiness, better sleep, and reduced stress.

Use these journal and affirmations to provide simple and effective ways to help your clients cultivate gratitude in their daily lives and increase their overall sense of well-being and happiness.

Show them how to use daily prompts and exercises to grow their gratitude and boost their abundance.

Make this journal your own!

Are you an expert who wants to save time creating compelling content for your community?

Would you like to captivate your ideal audience with professional, value-added, digital deliverables?

Become a trusted expert known for getting results with your own Gratitude Toolkit

Inspire yourself and your clients with daily prompts and exercises.

What’s included?

Get access to my beautiful, proven, highly-transformative Gratitude Growth Journal, Social Posts & Stories, Card Deck and more! All these tools can be yours within minutes. Customize them with your own logo, style and branding.

Gratitude Growth Journal

Gratitude Journal – Canva Template

Customize this journal by infusing your own style, colors and branding. Change the title and content as desired. Then, save it in the form of a PDF for use with your own clients in a coaching, group coaching or mastermind capacity.

Gratitude Growth Cards

Gratitude Growth Cards – Canva Template

Customized these to create digital or print cards to use with your clients in a coaching, group coaching or mastermind capacity.

Gratitude Growth Posts

Gratitude Growth Posts – Canva Template

Customized these templates with your own logo, branding and style to post in your socials for more followers and engagement.

Gratitude Growth Stories/Reels/Shorts

Gratitude Growth Reels / Stories / Shorts – Canva Template

Customized these templates with your own logo, branding and style to post in your stories, reels & shorts for more followers and engagement.

Canva Training Guide

Canva Basics Guide

For your own learning about how to use Canva to work with the templates.

About Jennifer Henczel

For seasoned or start-up coaches, speakers, podcasters, creators and community leaders

Use these tools in your 1-1 coaching, group coaching programs or masterminds.

  • Increase your client’s clarity and transformation.
  • Monetize your expertise and add value to your existing offers.
  • Save time and spend more of your efforts in your zone of genius.
  • Get the tools to create your signature system that gets results.
  • Scale faster! Specifically designed to help you help more people.

Fast Action Takers Offer

Bonus #1:

40 Gratitude Journal Cover Options

40 Gratitude Journal Cover Options – Canva Template

I created these cover options to help you get started in customizing your journals with your own style, branding and colors. Copy and paste your cover into the first page of the journal. Play and have fun!

Bonus #2:

30 Title Ideas for Your Gratitude Journal

30 Title Ideas for Your Gratitude Journal

I created these title options to help you generate new ideas and boost your creativity as you customize the journal to fit your niche & audience + your own genuine style & branding.

Gratitude Growth Bundle

Gratitude Growth Bundle

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Jennifer Henczel

Founder, Elevating You Club and Women in Podcasting Network

Q & A

Do I get this in any of my memberships with you?

This package is not available in my basic memberships, but it is available at the Elevating You level of membership. To my Elevating You members, this is already part of your membership. If you’re not a member yet and want access to these, JOIN HERE

Will the products work in a free Canva account?

Yes, we give you simplified version so you can customize them with your own colors and branding (if you have a business).

What can I do with the products?

  • Customize all the journals, worksheets, card decks, posters, activities and exercises for your own personal purposes.
  • You must flatten your design, which means turning them into a PDFs. Just save the Canva design as a standard PDF and you can use them with your clients.
  • You can use with your clients in your business, but the products cannot be the primary selling point of your offer.
  • This packages is intended for you to customize it for your own personal use for yourself and those you work with.
  • This is not a PLR product,. You cannot resell or redistribute the Canva templates.
  • You cannot give away the Canva templates or flattened PDFs as a freebie/lead magnet.
  • You cannot sell or distribute the Canva templates or flattened PDFs. Here is the license: