Unlock Your Business Growth with the Power of Irresistible Lead Magnets

Think of your email list as the enchanted garden where opportunities bloom. At the heart of this lush space are lead magnets, the magical seeds that sprout meaningful connections.

Lead magnets are the magnetic force that draws in a community of people who are genuinely interested in what you offer. They are absolutely necessity for those serious about growing their business.

Join the journey of cultivating a thriving business ecosystem in our luxurious Lead Magnet Lounge.

Meet Jennifer Henczel

“I’ve been using email marketing since 1999”

Jennifer Henczel

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Jennifer Henczel

Founder, Elevating Leaders Network and Women in Podcasting Network

Q & A

Do I get this in any of my memberships with you?

This package is not available in my basic $7/month memberships, but it is available at the Elevating Leaders Network level of membership. If you are already an Elevating Leaders Member, the above packages is already part of your membership.

Will the products work in a free Canva account?

Yes, we give you simplified version so you can customize them with your own colors and branding.

What can I do with the products?

  • PLEASE NOTE: This particular package is for your own use only, for the purposes of learning and for growing your own business.
  • Some of our packages include rights that let you customize our Canva templates and turn them into PDFs to use with your own clients – BUT NOT THIS PACKAGE.
  • You can use the Canva templates to create your own PDF lead magnets to promote your own business only.
  • The Canva templates themselves are not for resale or for others to create lead magnets.
  • You must flatten your design, which means turning them into a PDFs, and then use it as a lead magnet. Do not use the Canva templates themselves as lead magnets.
  • Likewise, you can use the Email Swipe Files for the promotion of your own business only.
  • You cannot use the swipe files or templates in personal email systems, such as Gmail, for example.
  • You must comply with all email and electronic communication laws when using the swipe files and templates.
  • You cannot give away the Canva templates, only use the flattened PDF as a lead magnet for your own business.
  • You must have a professional email system in place in order to use the Email Swipe Files.
  • We recommend using Constant Contact < That is our affiliate link. Please be aware that we would receive a small commission if you sign up. We only recommend things that we use ourselves. We’ve been using Constant Contact since 1999.
  • If you have any questions about this, please contact us.