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  • Even if you can \’t attend our live events, our low enrollment fee still provides you with lots of value in downloads and online connections. 


  • It \’s the tool we use to capture leads and build relationships with our members.


Here \’s my story, and I \’d love to connect to hear all about your story, where you \’re at, and how we can help each other. 
I am the Founder of Connect Now Business Network.  After my husband was in a near death accident, I needed to create my own full-time income, so I could help support him in his recovery. I had always been a part-time entrepreneur as a marketing coach and trainer, while working outside the home. I had managed non-profits, worked as a Marketing Director, and other leadership roles – but now was the time to take the leap into full-time self employment.


People want to connect, and they want to connect with YOU!

I have a passion for connecting people, and connecting people with others.

I started my community of business owners with one group 3 years ago, and now I have 12 chapters throughout BC and growing.  It \’s important to have both inbound and outbound strategies in place, including a solid online presence combined with face-to-face interaction.  Some professionals are getting trapped behind their computers and it can be very isolating as a solo business owner, so that \’s why I created my groups to help people get out into their community for healthy interaction. I foster a culture of connection, reciprocity, and collaboration, rather than competition.  There is no competition, because we all bring unique gifts to the community.


I documented everything along the way, and I developed solid SOPs of all my strategies and methods, creating a really solid system and structure that could withstand quick expansion.  I combined that with my knowledge of curriculum, and I created an Authorized Leadership Program (ALP), where I teach others to lead groups using my system.  While other meetups start and stop, my methods really work towards longevity.  Rather than reinventing the wheel, experts, speakers, and professionals plug into my system as a way of plugging into their communities with the face-to-face component quickly. This works towards further establishing them as a leader, generating quality leads, and an extra income stream, while providing them with opportunities for genuine connection and building lasting relationships.


Systems and structures help us to help more people.
Jennifer Henczel


So, if any of that resonates with you, here are some opportunities for us to help each other:
  1. If this philosophy and movement is of any interest to you, I \’m looking for leaders in every city throughout North America – Apply today
  2. I am looking for blog and podcast contributors, as well as, sometimes we have speaking opportunities arise (hover over Contact on the menu of my site to apply for any of those opportunities.
  3. I am also a speaker and looking for opportunities to speak to groups to tell my story and talk about connection, collaboration, and community, with interactive exercises and lots of value added-resources 🙂


Let \’s connect! 


Jennifer Henczel

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