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Magnetize & Monetize Masterclass & Toolkit

Jennifer Henczel & Angela Feser

Attract Your Ideal Audience and Turn Your Expertise into Extra Income. This is for coaches, speakers, podcasters and creators of all kinds. Find out about Jennifer & Angela’s proven framework for monetizing your knowledge and expertise, as they guide you step-by-step to generate multiple streams of income. Whether you want to make extra money as a side gig, or add additional streams of income to your current offerings, we can help you move to the next level. CLICK HERE

Create Like a Pro Canva Bundle

Angela Feser

Unlock your creativity with the ultimate kit for mastering the art of graphic design effortlessly. Save time and reach new heights with your design skills. CLICK HERE

Free 5 Day Challenge Kit

Sharyn Sheldon

Use our lead-generating 5-day challenge kit to set up and promote your own challenge that helps people step out of their comfort zone. Then promote your related offer at the end to boost your sales and profits! CLICK HERE

Book Planner for Writing, Publishing and Promoting a Nonfiction Book

Donna Kozik

This book planner has been created and designed by award winning and USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling author Donna Kozik. Use it to get your book writing and publishing project organized and on track to completion. It includes information about creating a vision statement, outlining your book and even how to get started in promoting it after its published. CLICK HERE

Collaboration is Easy Guide

Val Selby

Connect with other businesses to drive traffic. Intentional connections will increase sales. Collaboration doesn’t have to take hours each week. Use my 3 easy tips to start creating new joint ventures today and build your list. CLICK HERE

2023 Video Gear Guide: 5 Must-Have Tools for Looking Great on Video!

Lou Bortone

Get ready to level up your on-screen presence with this carefully selected collection of gear. From top-notch cameras and lighting setups to crystal-clear audio equipment, we’ve got you covered. Discover the 5 must-have tools for looking like a pro on Video. Say goodbye to amateurish videos and hello to pro-level quality with the 2023 Video Gear Guide. CLICK HERE

Super Charge your SEO by Getting Your Categories and Tags Right!

Dan R Morris

Keywords are great, but a page that isn’t getting “SEO-juice” from the other pages on your site is an Outlander. Build the structure, then work the keywords. CLICK HERE


Avatar 50 Questions Workbook

Jennifer Henczel

Identify your ideal audience so you can create a group they want, and then you can invite the right people who will be a fit into your group (PDF). CLICK HERE

Know Your Niche Workbook

Kendra Swalls

A 16-page hands-on workbook designed to help you clarify the WHO & HOW that define your brand. https://spring-feather-348.myflodesk.com/ CLICK HERE


25 AI Prompts to Power Up Your USP

Jennifer Henczel

Not getting enough traction in your business? You need a stronger USP. A Unique Selling Proposition, is a crucial element in effective marketing and branding strategies to differentiate a business. These AI prompts are designed to unleash your wildest ideas, spark your creativity, and give you the edge you need to stand out in the crowded digital marketplace. Craft killer content that will magnetize your audience – content that leaves them wanting more, engaging with your brand like never before. CLICK HERE

Extended 14-Day (3 Episode) Free Trial of Capsho’s Copy Studio & Creative Studio

Deirdre Tshien

This free gift has 3 parts: 1. An exclusive 14-Day (3-episode) Free Trial Of Capsho’s Copy Studio & Creative Studio Bundle 2. A Quickstart 3-part Audio Guide on the 16 posts that will get your content seen by the right people on social media 3. A Masterclass on how to turn your long-form audio or video content into power clips for social media. CLICK HERE

Your Million Dollar Idea is Only One Prompt Away!

Sharon Kinnier

A quick guide to brainstorming your next million dollar idea using AI. CLICK HERE

Plan Your Quiz Funnel with Me – Using AI!

Starlight Mundy

We’ve already talked about how a quiz funnel is a total game-changer for your online biz. It’s time to build this growth engine for yourself. CLICK HERE


Unleash the Power of Understanding Your Audience: Creating Your Reader Avatar

Melody Ann Owen

Dive into the minds of your target audience and develop a detailed profile that captures their interests, needs, and aspirations. This workbook guides you through a systematic process to understand your ideal readers’ demographics, preferences, and challenges. Uncover valuable insights that will inform your content, ensuring it resonates with and provides immense value to your audience. Craft a compelling and tailored nonfiction book that connects deeply with your readers, establishing you as an authority and driving meaningful engagement. CLICK HERE

The Author’s Authority Blueprint

Sharlrita DeLoatch

A Comprehensive Guide to Writing and Publishing Your Book of Influence. this is a comprehensive checklist designed to guide aspiring authors through the process of writing and publishing a book that establishes their authority. From defining your purpose and target audience to crafting engaging content and implementing effective marketing strategies, this checklist covers every step of the journey. By following this blueprint, you’ll gain the tools and knowledge needed to create a book that resonates with readers, enhances your authority, and leaves a lasting impact. CLICK HERE


Tips for Sounding Your Best as a Podcast Guest

Jodi Krangle

Whether you’re a frequent guest, or a podcast host – you know how much sound matters! It’s so important to know how to put your best and unique voice forward. It can be a challenge, between all the different equipment involved, remote recording, and making everything line up so that it still sounds seamless. But here are a few tips I’ve learned about how to create the best sound impression – specifically as a podcast guest. CLICK HERE

Podcasting on Purpose Masterclass

Jennifer Henczel

Learn about starting a Podcast, what a podcast is and why you should start one now, how a podcast can help you and your business, tips and tools for starting your podcast, how to get your podcast distributed on all platforms, equipment and apps to use, where to find music and images, episode workflow, and much more! CLICK HERE


The Magic of Mingling The Importance of Networking

Jen Hardy

Networking, for many, tends to conjure images of firm handshakes at corporate conferences, perfectly curated LinkedIn messages, and endless rounds of coffee dates. But networking is not just about collecting a stack of business cards or having an impressive follower count. It’s about creating relationships, sharing experiences, and growing together. It’s a magic formula where 1+1 can equal 3, 5, or even 100 if done right. Networking, in its essence, is about weaving connections that catalyze both personal and professional growth. CLICK HERE

Magnetize Your Message 5 Step Mini-Course

Melanie Benson

If your content, show or offer seems like a best-kept secret in a crowded marketplace, your message needs to be magnetized! A magnetic message can activate a 24/7 source of ideal prospects and build an audience of raving fans. This 5-Step Mini-Course will walk you through a powerful process to create a compelling message. CLICK HERE


Elevate Your Life and Business through the Power of Storytelling

Paul Henczel

Hear how Paul used his story to go from an injured mill worker to a TEDx speaker and author. Receive Paul Henczel’s Book, “Crushed Alive: A True Story of a Journey from Tragedy to Triumph” plus a Signature Story Workbook. CLICK HERE

No BS No Fluff Guide To Getting Booked

Sean Douglas

Are you tired of searching Google for Strategies? Do you spend hours searching online for videos and articles on how to successfully become a paid Speaker? What if I told you that you are not alone? New and emerging Speakers spend years building solid strategies that take hours of research and hours to implement on their own. Big mistake! This eBook is for those Speakers who want to take MASSIVE action in this industry by implementing the strategies contained in these pages and grow their reach and impact. CLICK HERE USE PROMO CODE: FREE4ME


Alice in Blunderland

Deb King & Gabby Button

How to Stop Falling Down Rabbit Holes and Find the TRUE Path to Coaching Business Success – a must for Coaches who want to create more impact, more money and more freedom! CLICK HERE

Ultimate Guide: How To Become a Coach

Candy Motzek

In this replay of this 5-day masterclass, you will learn how to rewire your brain to think positively and overcome limiting beliefs that hold you back from achieving your goals. This digital recording includes daily video lessons and actionable exercises to help you transform your mindset and live a more fulfilling life. CLICK HERE


50 Ways to Generate Leads E-Book

Sara Lohse

Start building your email list and generating leads with 50 easy-to-create lead magnet ideas. With options specifically designed for content creators, services providers, retailers, and entrepreneurs, this masterlist has ideas you can start using right away no matter which industry you’re in. Plus, by downloading the ebook, you unlock access to a free brainstorming session to help you choose the best lead magnet for your goals and set it in motion. CLICK HERE


Hypnosis for Confidence in 20 Minutes

Keshia Rice

Embrace Your Power: Heal inner wounds, radiate confidence! This healing hypnosis audio nurtures your inner child, unlocking deep healing and empowering self-assurance. Unveil your potential, free from doubt and negativity. Begin your journey of self-discovery and transformation now! CLICK HERE

Blueprint to Dream BIGGER

Nadia Bernardy

The Secret of Achieving Your BIGGEST Dream in Life & Business. Finally, take your dream off the back burner and put your inspired ideas into action. This workshop will help you hone in on your best idea and guide you to gaining clarity on your dream life and work. Perfect for aspiring female entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed with tons of ideas. Enroll today. CLICK HERE

Love Your Work ebook

Whitnie Wiley

Join Whitnie Wiley on a life-changing expedition towards finding a rewarding career in “Love Your Work.” Take charge of your life by learning how to respond to events and shape your desired outcomes. Discover the power of visualization, identify your values, priorities, and passions, and utilize your strengths, abilities, and talents. Set SMART goals and take motivated action toward making your dream life a reality. Begin today and create a future that aligns with your passions and purpose. CLICK HERE

Reduce Stress – Elevate Success

Sabine Kvenberg

5 Easy Steps to help you navigate your journey to a brighter future. In our fast-paced lives, stress often finds a way to creep in and hinder our progress. To overcome this obstacle and unlock our true potential for success, it is essential to adopt strategies that help us reduce stress and elevate our overall well-being. This guide will provide you with effective techniques to combat stress and enhance your chances of success. CLICK HERE

Introduction to Mindfulness Workbook

JoAnn Boyce

Embark on a transformative journey with our Mindfulness Workbook and Journal. Experience stress-reducing breathing exercises and meditation techniques. Cultivate gratitude and positivity through daily practices. Reflect and grow with thought-provoking journal prompts. Stay organized with beautifully designed pages and trackers. Discover inner peace and clarity through mindfulness. Start your transformative journey today. CLICK HERE

5 Best Practices to Optimize Performance with Your Cycle

Adrienne Irizarry

Productivity and your cycle are intricately woven together. When you learn how to plan your work with the phases of your cycle you are able to thrive AND achieve optimal productivity. Learn five best practices to reduce period symptoms while improving your productivity. CLICK HERE

Outgrowing The 9-5 Journal: A Vision and Manifestation Workbook

Isabel Barjaktarevic

Tap into your inner power and create a life of freedom and abundance with the ‘Outgrowing The 9-5 Journal’. Designed for spiritual women, this transformative journal guides you through 5 key steps: Discovering your Soul-Aligned Vision, Embracing a Magickal Mindset, Aligning with Intuition, Doing the Inner Work, and Manifesting Magickal Action. It’s time to leave the 9-5 behind and embark on a journey of limitless possibilities! CLICK HERE


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