Taylor Hinton – Fitness Expert


Taylor Hinton is the Health & Wellness Host for BC Business & Lifestyle Show

Taylor is a fitness savant who’s background reaches from Football to Bodybuilding and now Crossfit.

He is the General Manager of a large corporate fitness facility, a certified PN1 Nutrition Coach and has been involved in athletics for over 15 years.

In 2014, Taylor suffered a serious back injury ending his football career. With no athletic prospects in sight, Taylor focused his energy in Bodybuilding where he placed first in his weight class at the B.C Cup qualifying him for a shot at the National Championships.

When his passion for Bodybuilding faded away, he turned to Crossfit in hopes to reach his physical potential. He plans to compete in his first competition in 2021.


Get to know Taylor:

What really fires you up about fitness for yourself and helping others – why do you love it?

I love fitness because it is the most direct way to accentuate my physical development. Humans are meant to pursue further/more and exercise is in my opinion the best way to do that! I love helping people see this in themselves and see a fire ignite in them. It \’s motivating for everyone around them too!

How do you feel when you help someone with their health and wellness and you see them take a step forward?

I think that along with most people, the ability to GIVE to someone is the most rewarding feeling. I love fitness and if I can give someone tools or knowledge to better themselves, that \’s all I need.

Who do you serve?

The people I serve best are the ones who want to learn and want to get better. Regardless of your skill level or starting point, EVERYONE can get better. I can show you, you need to meet me half way and be willing to put in the work.